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Welcome to Arhces Clothing Supplies, we are delighted you decided to view our store!

New Collections

As we are aware that styles chnage along with the seasons we have created a gallery of our designs where you can go and view for yourself the garments we have created in the past, to give you ideas on what we could create for you!


As a very well known distinguished business we have designed our bespoke clothing for many individuals, this inlcudes everyone from Royalties to bestmen. We have the facilities and the knowledge to create an item whatever the occasion may be. Our range of designers are highly qualified and are trainned in making sure the customer is happy.


There are two main reason why we feel we stand out form the rest of the tailoriing crowd, they make us unique and the best option for individuals looking a tailor made item.
These are; our extensive ook of fabrics which contains over 3000 pieces, we are sure you could find somehting suitable for yourself here.
Also our experienced desginers who are some of the best in the country, they make the garment unique and ensure that it is persionalised for you.





This video is going to help you understnad what a tailor does and how they are the best person to come to for a suit!























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