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Welcome to our AJS Maps website! We created this website to provide you with up to date information on all the different tourist attractions in killarney. We aim to attract people from all over the world to come and stay/visit killarney. There are many amazing places to see in killarney such as the killarney national park. Killarney is a town beside lough leane, there is a lot of history and story's to be told.. The video below will inform you about the different places and things you can do in killarney.

AJS Maps Center is located in belfast across from Queens University. Here you can meet our members of staff and have a look at our leaflets, banners and flyers around the building. We have many different notice boards around the building talking about how we where set up and when. If you visit our center members of staff will answer any queries you have. We provide also volunteering opportunity for people over the age of 18 to come and help out with handing out flyers and leaflets and also lending a hand with putting up and replacing banners.



Killarney earned the `Best kept town' award in 2007.

Killarney is the 23rd most popular place to visit in the whole of europe, according to trip adviser (2015)

Date: 25/2/16



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